About StubTech

Stubtech is owned and operated by Carol & Rod Hadfield of Castlemaine, Victoria, formerly CRS Engineering who were the original designers and marketers of drop axles/spindles with over 40 years experience in the modified car industry.
Manufactured to ISO9001 standards and fully tested they represent the pinnacle of after market product.
All test results for the drop spindles are available upon request and will be sent to all engineers that receive requests for lowered stub axles from clients.
Stubtech has drawn on the best practices of the industry to manufacture a first class product. Taking premium materials and engineering them to a first class standard for drop stub axles in Australia. Manufactured using the investment casting method then heat treated to 4340, this method assures correct grain structure.

Investment casting is the process used to manufacture turbo components, aircraft and other items that require maximum strength and durability.  Each axle is numbered and the customer is supplied with paperwork covering authenticity.

Don't be fooled by unsubstantiated claims by copiers - Please read test results.