When Ordering one of our quality drop stub axles, please quote from the list below.
All our Stub Axles/Spindles are proudly "Made in Australia."

Part No. Description
ST-001 HR-HG, 7.5 Deg. using HQ-WB brakes
ST-002 Torana, 9.0 Deg. using Torana or HQ-WB brakes
ST-003 HQ-WB, 7.5 Deg. using standard HQ-WB brakes
ST-004 HR-HG, 7.5 Deg. using Commodore brakes
ST-005 HQ-WB, 7.5 Deg. using Commodore brakes
ST-006 Torana, 9.0 Deg. using Commodore brakes
ST-007 7.5 Deg. casting without caliper holes
ST-008 Valiant, using VC-VE-VF brakes
ST-009 Valiant, using VG-VJ brakes
ST-010 Ford Axles
ST-011 Misubishi  L250/L300 including mid 90’s Tritons

Coming in the near future: 58-64 Chevys
(We are also investigating Cortina TC/TD and TE/TF)

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