2" (50mm) Drop Stub Axles/Spindles to suit Holdens, including Torana, and CF Bedfords.

We currently have drop stub axles/spindles to suit Holden models HD-HR-HK-HT-HG-HQ-HJ-HX & WB. Torana LC-LJ-LH-LX & UC, various brake options are available with our Holden range.  Stubtech can also supply advice on fitting their Holden drop axles (or spindles to our American friends) to CF Bedfords which gives a 3 1/2" to 4" drop.

Recently false claims have surfaced that a Company, CRS, can supply drop axles made from a steel billet that is 10 times stronger than a casting which of course is impossible as no such steel exists.  This is a totally misleading statement to make about their product and to assure possible purchasers Stubtech has had an independent company test axles to establish what is available. 

"Stubtech" axles prove to be far ahead in strength, finish and quality. Stubtech axles have been subjected to the most rigorous testing and supporting reports are supplied with each axle. Rod and Carol Hadfield have been supplying axles for over 25 years when they originally marketed under the name ‘Castlemaine Rod Shop’ which they sold before marketing under ‘Stubtech’ when Castlemaine Rod Shop stopped manufacturing this product.  Now the new owners have decided, after 10 years, to supply the market with a substandard product.

Don't be fooled by unsubstantiated claims by copiers - Please read test results.


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