Mitsubishi L250/L300

Stubtech can also supply axles/spindles to suit Mitsubishi L250/L300 (and mid 1990's Tritons) front ends which are a very popular swap into Street Rods. These are our Holden axles reamed to suit the Mitsubishi balljoints.  P76 Leyland discs are a popular ventilated rotor choice as they are the same size as used on Holdens HQ-WB, are Ford bolt pattern and use the same caliper, these discs will narrow the overall track by 20mm.  These can be bought with Holden wheel bearings fitted.  They are popular in early Holdens where a Ford diff is used and guard clearance is a problem.  14-15 inch wheels are best used.  If considering 2" drop axles using the wheels you presently have just check you have 2" under the bottom balljoint.

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